Review for Newlyweds of Convenience

It’s Wednesday again, which means it’s time for another NSR book review.  I probably won’t be willing or able to review every single week, but as long as I’ve got something to talk about, I’ll try.

  • Title:  Newlyweds of Convenience
  • Author:  Jessica Hart
  • Length:   192 pages
  • Price:   Less than 3 dollars for kindle and Nook,  really cheap used.

 Basic Plot:  Mallory McIver married her husband Torr five months ago with the understanding between them that they had no feelings for each other.  She was broken-hearted after a betrayal by her former fiancé and he was simply in need of an appropriate hostess for his swanky business parties.   Then Torr arrives home one evening and breaks the news that he has inherited a decrepit castle in Scotland and that he’s already sold their house and will be moving there immediately.  She can either come along or go elsewhere and he doesn’t really care which.  She goes with him and is as miserable as she expected – at first.  Then she starts to notice how kind and thoughtful he is and thinks she might be falling for him when he announces that he is in love with an already-married woman.   She decides it is best to put aside any feelings of tenderness for him and just stick with their arrangement.  But it might not be that easy.

My Review:  This was not the most original plot ever, but it had enough unique elements in it that I was anxious to read on and finished the book in one sitting.   I, personally, really enjoyed her adjustment to the disaster that was the castle and life away from the city she was accustomed to, but that is probably because I am writing something similar in my own books, although nothing at Loarlis was ever as bad as this dump!!  Anyway, I thought their relationship progressed fairly well and I was hoping things would work out for the two of them.  I did find it a little strange the entire book was written from Mallory’s POV except for two paragraphs in Torr’s.   I am writing my novel all from Sunny’s viewpoint, but I don’t break in with any comments or thoughts from Riordan (at least unless something changes drastically as I finish revision).   But, that’s not really that important.  It was a good story and a fun romance.   I had a few quibbles with Mallory’s personality, one of which was she seemed almost unnecessarily cruel to Torr sometimes and could be very snippy, which prolonged their difficulties.   I think sometimes authors fall back on that sort of dialogue to draw out the plot when if the characters just talked about their true feelings, everything would resolve quickly.   But this wasn’t an egregious use of that plot device and although I could see it, it didn’t ruin the book for me.

The Tingle Scale:  Newlyweds of Convenience  was a nice clean read.  They did have sex a few times, but we literally saw none of it and since they were safely married from the beginning of the book, it wasn’t an issue.  The touches and kisses described in the book were very minimal, but sexy.   The castle was cold and there was only one bed, so they snuggled together at night and reading about their cuddling made me want to crawl back into bed with my own hubby.    There were a few great scenes, when he held her on his lap while she cried in one instance, and when they danced at a community ceilleigh (dance party) was another.   I have to admit that I did get tingles a few times and I enjoyed the way they reacted physically to each other.  All in all, I would highly recommend this as a romantic, but non-smutty, novel.

Tingles:  7/10

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I'm pursuing a life-long dream of writing now, something I am really enjoying. My first book should be out by Christmas. I want to blog about all things Irish; offering some book reviews for romantic, not smutty, books; and also things pertaining to reading and writing.
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