Ireland: Water, Water Everywhere

I realized that it’s been a while since I posted any pictures from our last trip to Ireland and felt bad that it had been so long and wanted to rectify that as soon as I could.   In looking over the pictures my daughter took in 2009, I tried to find a common theme for today and decided I’d use “water.”   As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, it rained on us every single day we were there and I’m not exaggerating.  However, I’m not talking about that water, I’m talking about the beautiful lakes, rivers, streams, and ocean that surround Ireland as well as fill the interior.    These first few are actually from County Cavan, (yeah!) the site where my book is set.  The Shannon river starts in County Cavan (see the kind of brown looking pond on the first row) in a little “pot” small enough to jump over and we followed it all the way out to where it meets the Atlantic, as a huge symbol of the beauty and mystery of Ireland.


About susannahsharp

I'm pursuing a life-long dream of writing now, something I am really enjoying. My first book should be out by Christmas. I want to blog about all things Irish; offering some book reviews for romantic, not smutty, books; and also things pertaining to reading and writing.
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2 Responses to Ireland: Water, Water Everywhere

  1. Gerri Bowen says:

    Beautiful photographs, Susannah.

  2. Thanks, Gerri. A photographer I am not. All of these were taken by my daughter, most from our moving car because my husband is notoriously bad about not wanting to pull over for photos. I will pass on your comment to her and she’ll be thrilled.

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