Review for Highland Surrender

Highland Surrender

  • Title:        Highland Surrender
  • Author:    Tracy Brogan
  • Length:     369 pages
  • Price:        3.99 currently for the e-book, 6.99 for the paperback.  You can also borrow this book for free if you have a Prime membership.

General Plot:  This is a good historical novel, set in Scotland during the reign of James I.  I am trusting that her history is correct, although I am not very good at understanding much of Scottish history.  Hey, I have enough of Irish history to worry about.  In this case, James wants to solidify the lowland clan of the Campbells with the highland clan of the Sinclairs, hoping to neutralize the uprising of the highland Scots against him.  For that, and other reasons, he declares that Myles Campbell, heir to the Campbell clan’s Lairdship, and Fiona Sinclair, the oldest sister of the new Laird Sinclair.  To make matters even more complicated, Fiona is  convinced that Cedric Campbell, Myles’ father, murdered her mother many years ago.  The Sinclairs hate the Campbells with an ever-increasing hatred and Fiona tries everything she can to get out of the wedding but is threatened and has to comply. Their wedding night goes okay, but she feels like she is betraying her clan by submitting to him.  He takes her home and “various things happen along the way” including an aborted escape attempt and a fight.  Myles really feels like he could easily love his beautiful wife if she would just calm down and let him.  He feels like her life will be much better than it would have been back home, which it definitely is.  Her family is welcoming, they are very, very rich, and he really does spoil her.  However, her hatred for the Campbells and everything they have taken from her makes it hard for her to relax.  She and Myles go through a very long dry spell sexually speaking because he does not want to force her and much as she comes to admire him, she does not want to surrender. Then a treasonous plot comes to life that threatens the Sinclairs and Myles thinks she might be involved so the tension escalates.

My Review:   Sometimes I feel like reviewing books where they get married very first thing in the book is sort of cheating on my description of “clean.”  Since they are married through the whole thing, technically anything goes as far as sex in the book.  Of course, I always try to focus on the second part of my requirements which means that any sex between a couple has to be tasteful.  Fortunately, this book qualifies on both points, even though because the couple is married “on first sight.”

I liked this book and feel like it was really well-written.   The romance felt real to me and I liked how Myles slowly won her over by being gentle and loving to her, even when she really had a hard time accepting his feelings as real.

Tingle Factor:   This was a very romantic book with a lot of touching and kissing that does not lead to sex, since usually one of them says something that upsets the other one somehow, so it winds up being put off.  Toward the end, Myles is getting desperate but does not want to force her.  She is also feeling desperate but tensions are so high between them that she does not feel like she can “surrender” to him.   Generally, I probably would not recommend this book to a teenager, but for the majority of women out there, the sex would not be offensive or over the top in any way.


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I'm pursuing a life-long dream of writing now, something I am really enjoying. My first book should be out by Christmas. I want to blog about all things Irish; offering some book reviews for romantic, not smutty, books; and also things pertaining to reading and writing.
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