Independence Day and Summer Names Are a Blast

Independence Day and Summer Names Are a Blast:

Family History Sources for Funny Names and Much More


Craig L. Foster


This week Americans will celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July. For many, it is not only a time to have picnics and barbeques and watch parades and fireworks. It is a time to reflect upon the freedoms enjoyed and sacrifices made. It is a time for pride and patriotism. It is also a time to enjoy fun, funny and patriotic names found by scanning census, voting, birth and death records, as well as social media and online directories.

Hazel Independence Day was born 4 July 1889 in New Haven, Connecticut. There was also an Independence Day residing in San Jose, California and a Jeremy Firecracker Faith who was born in Los Angeles on 4 July 1991. Other names celebrating freedom and liberty were:

Liberty Bell                                         1940                Council Bluffs, IA

Yankee Doodle                                   1900                Smith Valley, NV

            There were three Yankee Doodles found residing in the U.S. in 2013.

America Flagg                                     1898                Yakima, WA

America Freeman                                1940                Noblesville, IN

Freedom Freeman                               1930                Whitewright, TX

Freeman Liberty                                  2013                Santa Barbara, CA

America Love                                     1870                Liberty, MO

Love Liberty Miller                             1936                Chattanooga, TN

American Patriot                                 ?                      Westminster, CO

American H. Patriot                            ?                      St. Louis, MO

Uncle Sam                                           1880                Thibodeaux, LA

Star Spangled                                      2013                Chicago, IL

United States                                      1930                Ridgeway, PA

Stars Stripes                                        2013                Las Vegas, NV


How many have a George Washington in their family History? Since the American Revolution, George Washington has been a popular name in many American families. To a lesser degree, other presidents and American heroes populate old census and other records. Abraham Lincoln was a particularly popular name. Among names (and some included numerous people with the same name) associated with American Independence were:

Benjamin Franklin                               1940                Roswell, CO

Nathan Hale                                        1940                Denver, CO

Patrick Henry                                      1940                Brevard, NC

Thomas Jefferson                                1940                Philadelphia, PA

Marquis Lafayette                               1940                Glens Falls, NY

Molly Pitcher                                      1940                Carroll, MS

Paul Revere                                         1940                West Bridgewater, MA

Betsy Ross                                          1940                Philadelphia, PA


Sadly, Americans paid with blood and human life for their independence. The United States has had to defend their freedom through war. There are names reflecting and honoring this history of sacrifice, as well as the military life (and some names that are just downright nutty):

Cannon Ball                                        1891                Lambeth, London, England

American Cannon                               1900                Weston Sparta, GA

Johnny Firecracker                              2013                Hollywood, FL

Trixie Firecracker                                2013                Wesley Chapel, FL

Margaret D. Fireworks                        1826                Gorbals, Lanark, SCOT

Rifle Ham                                           1900                Cunningham, MO

Bunker Hill                                         1940                Vershire Town, VT

Army Mann                                         1880                Haywood, TN

Musket McGrath                                 1920                Philadelphia, PA

Bunker Hill Moorehill                         1964                Pecos, TX

Battle Ware                                         1880                Livingston, VA


Surprisingly, there was a flipside to American Revolution-themed names. Along with the names of American heroes like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, there were also distinctly British-related names:

Lord Cornwallis                                  1880                Wilkinson, MS

Lord Cornwallis                                  1930                Petersburg, VA

King George                                       1940                Bucyrus, KS

Charles Redcoat                                  1870                Hollie, NH

There were even several men named Benedict Arnold like Benedict Arnold of Whittier, California (1940) and Benedict Arnold of Saint Charles, Illinois (1930). It kind of makes a person wonder if any of these Benedict Arnolds or Lord Cornwallises ever met a George Washington or Patrick Henry. Now that would have been fun to watch.


Of course there are more than parades and fireworks on Independence Day. Barbeques and picnics are one of the most enjoyable parts of any holiday. Of course, barbeques and picnics are great any of the summer days – or would that be Summer N. Days of Santa Clara, California (1977)? There were a number of people named Summer Day. Lucy Picnic of Lawrence, Massachusetts (1930) or Elizabeth Picnic of Hamtramck, Michigan (1940) would have liked that idea. Barbeque Talley of Milam, Texas (1940) would certainly have been the hit of any barbeque. Following are people named for summer food and fun:
Base Ball                                             2013                Miami, FL; Merrick, NY; New York, NY

Lemon Barr                                         1920                Hamburg, FL

Frank N. Beans                                   1940                Graham, AZ

Mary Root Beers                                 1857                Charlotte, VT

Vera Cheeseburger                              2013                Thomasville, AL

Potato Chip                                         2013                Tucson, AZ and Freeport, IL

Potatoe Chip                                       2013                Anderson, SC  [Dan Quayle wrote the name]

Robert Corn Cobb                              1918                Burke, NC

Peaches Crisp                                      1940                Springfield, IL

Hot Dog                                              2013                Wylie, TX

Arthur Ketchup                                   1940                Pueblo, CO

John Lemonade                                   2013                Las Vegas, NV

Ice Cream Maker                                1911                Los Angeles, CA

Summer Mellon                                   2013                Yuma, AZ

Dill Pickle                                           1940                Leake, MS

Sweet Pickle                                       2013                Lincoln, NE

Apple Pie                                            1870                Memphis, TN

Cherry Pye                                          1935                Ojus, FL

Green Salad                                        1880                Navarro, TX

Ham Sandwich                                   1910                New Orleans, LA

Ice Cream Slater                                 1940                Pine Flat, AL

Lemonade Stand                                 2013                Charlotte, NC and Indianapolis, IN

Peachy Tart                                         1870                Canton, KY

August Watermelon                            1925                Rochester, NY


Remember that doing family history is not only worthwhile and rewarding, it can also be very funny when coming upon funny and interesting names. In between watching the parades and picnics, take a little time to search for your own ancestors and find out if they were Revolutionary War patriots or if they came to America just a few years ago. Visit the Family History Library in Salt Lake City or go online to and a host of other websites to find your own ancestors and get to know them.

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