Halloween and Fall-Themed Names

Wickedly Wild Fun with Halloween and Thanksgiving Related Names


By Craig L. Foster

What a great time of year. It’s autumn and this is the time of year that Autumn Autumn (of Boonesboro, MD, 2013) probably loves the most. Autumn Leaves (Laurel, MD, 2013) probably loves the brilliant colors of the changing leaves. October Brown (Manhattan, NY, 1940) and October Hunter (Centerville, SC, 1880) would no doubt feel right at home. And speaking of moon, Hunter Moon (Newport News, VA, 1920) and E. Full Moon (Tampa, FL, 1910) were perfect for this time of year.

The weather gets cooler and in many parts of the country there is a morning and evening mist and fog. Probably the following people would love that:

Autumn Fogg                                                  2008                Manchester, VT

Morning Fogg                                                 1830                Fairfield, SC

Morning Mist                                                 1850                Anderson, OH

Misty A. Morning                                          1973                Orange, CA

And usually there is even a little bit of autumn snow although Autumn Snow (San Diego, 2013) probably will not be seeing any of the white stuff.

But what’s best known about fall, other than football, which Football Player Lynn of Calgary, Alberta (1957) may or may not have played, are Halloween and Thanksgiving. Halloween Baggs (Jay, IN, 1920) was already for this holiday. Others who would be ready for this fun night are:

Candy Apple                                                   1961                Eldorado Spring, CO

Candy Barr                                                     1870                Kingstree, SC

Candy Jo Corn                                                1961                Ward, TX

Candy E. Treat                                                1993                Scottsdale, AZ

We can’t forget the pumpkins! While a number of people had pumpkin in their names, Pumpkin Hill (of Bell, TX, 1930) and Jolly Pumpkin (Dexter, MI, 2013) are probably extra happy with this holiday. Under the circumstances, Jack O. Lantern (Woodstock, NH, 1990) would be ecstatic.

Halloween is famous for the scarier aspects of the day. While there were ghouls and goblins galore in census returns and other records, Ghoulam Ghoul (Brooklyn, NY, 2008) and Goblin Stryker (Buffalo, NY, 1892) stood out. Other hauntingly fun names were:

Casper Ghost                                                  1991                Medford, MA

Charity Spook                                                 1875                Wisconsin

Boo Story                                                        1940                Madison, KY

Boo White                                                      1940                Bashi, AL

Rounding out this monsterous menagerie of names were Nights Vampire (Reseda, CA,1999), Were Wolf (Hattiesburg, MS, 1971)  and Creepy Moore (Statesville, NC, 1933) who probably hated his name 364 days out of the year but loved it on Halloween.

Who could celebrate Halloween without a coven or two of witches and wizards? Among our magical names were:

Babe Witch                                                     1900                Crenshaw, AL

Lottie Witchcraft                                            1910                Flint, MI

Wendy Witchey                                              1986                Derry, NH

Harry Wizard                                                  1901                Westminster, ENG

Magic Wand                                                   1996                Willow Spring, NC

But what would Halloween be without the witches and wizards of Hogwarts who have and will continue to bewitch generations of children with their adventures. Halloween is time to meet the “real” characters of the Harry Potter series (if Zabasearch is to be believed):

Albus Dumbledore                                         2013                Canfield, OH

Hermione Granger                                          2013                Atlanta, GA

Neville Longbottom                                       2013                Staten Island, NY

Luna Lovegood                                               2013                Katy, TX

Harry Potter                                                    2013                Holts Summit, MO

Severus Snape                                                2013                Port Hueneme, CA

Ginny Weasley                                               2013                Woodside, NY

Ronald Weasley                                             2013                Cerritos, CA

And after Halloween comes November and people getting ready for the various holiday celebrations. The Cranberry Pond (Cropseyville, NY, 1993) is being harvested and preparations are being made for delicious Thanksgiving food like:

Apple Butter                                                   1910                Otter Creek, IN

Orange Cake                                                   1870                Missouri

Pumpkin Pie                                                   2013                Fort Myers, FL

Thanksgiving Turkey                                     1993-96           Racine, WI

Speaking of turkey, there were several other people who seemed to celebrate that noble bird of Pilgrims Pride (Hatboro, PA, 1996-2000) and early American:
Tom Turkey                                                    1920                Franklin, Ohio

Turkey Turkey                                                1900                Kansas

Turkey Turkeyson                                          1880                New Sweden, MN

So this is a wonderful time of year to gather family and friends, enjoy some Trick or Treating and turkey dinners. It’s also a great time to reflect on our heritage, American or not. Remember that doing family history is more of a treat than a trick and is not only worthwhile and rewarding, it can also be very funny when coming upon funny and interesting names. In between watching football games on TV and eating more pumpkin pie, take a little time to search for your own ancestors and find out if they were early Pilgrims or if they came to America just a few years ago. Visit the Family History Library in Salt Lake City or go online to FamilySearch.org and a host of other websites to find your own ancestors and get to know them.

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