Christmas and Holiday Funny Names

Funny Christmas Names Make for a Holly Jolly Holiday!


Craig L. Foster


This is a special time of year and to celebrate this season; and by scanning census, voting, birth and death records found at FamilySearch and other genealogical websites, as well as online directories, an avalanche of funny and interesting names were found that celebrate Christmas and winter.


There are a number of people with the first name of Avalanche. It, of course, would have been better if someone had been named Avalanche Snow.  There are, however, people named Snow Ball, like a girl born in 1918 in Hempstead County, Arkansas and another Snow Ball who was a member of the Royal Navy in 1881.


Other names celebrating winter and its weather are:

Snow Removal Blizzard 1993            Colorado Springs, CO

Winter Day                    1845           Romsey, Hamp., ENG

Jack Frost                     1940           Pueblo, CO

December Snow           1996           Las Vegas, NV

Winter Snow                1930           East Grand Rapids, MI


As a result of the white stuff, all kinds of winter fun take place. Probably the people across the country surnamed snowman have a good idea what to do with the snow, but Frosty Snowman, Columbus, OH in 1990 and Frosty T. Snowman of Park City, UT in 1996, would have the best idea. Whether or not they have some magic in that old silk hat is not known.


But Christmas is the main reason for the season. And while most of us get Christmas for just one day each year, the following people have Christmas every day:

Merry Christmas          1930           San Francisco, CA

Merry Christmas          1940           Fitzgerald, GA

Merry Christmas          2013           Mountain View, CA

Merry Christmas          2013           Killeen, TX

Merry Christmas          2013           NYC, NY

Merry Christmas          2013           Englewood, FL

Noël Christmas             1881            Grand Narrows, CAN

Christmas Day              1940           Columbus, OH

Alfred Christmas Eve   1911            London, ENG

Feliz Navidad                1885           Cojutepeque, EL SALVADOR

Joyeux F. Noel              2009          Brooklyn, NY

Yuletide Smith              1920           Wolf Creek, KY


Christmas time is the time to celebrate. Christmas bells will be ringing and Christmas Bells (1990, Boaz, AL) certainly appreciates that. Others feeling a special connection bells are:
Christmas Bell              1920           Lower Chichester, PA

Jingle Bell                     1977           New York City, NY

Jolly Jingle Bell            1940           Ratcliff, AR

Silver Bells                    1991            Tempe, AZ

Sylver Bells                   1940           Ephrata, WA

Caroling is a favorite at this time of year, as the two people named Christmas Carol (1912, Southwark, England and 1952, Ventura, CA) would probably agree, as well as Thongchandar Christmas Song (1986, Stanislaus, CA).


Eating delicious food is another favorite holiday pastime. Or at least it certainly is in my house. Following are those with perhaps a little too close of a connection to Christmas food:

Russell Christmas Candy 1915        Harrisburg, PA

Candy Cane                   1870           Gallatin, TN

Eggnog Clardy              1880           Fort Davis, TX

Gingerbread Dytman   1748           Westminster, ENG

Cynthia Holiday Fudge 2008          Twentynine Palms, CA

Taffee Hades                 1900           Hudson, NJ   [which must be one hell of a recipe . . . I mean, person]

Christmas C. Hamm    2001           Green Valley, AZ

Spicey Hamm               1945           Alachua, FL

Spicy Mead                  1880           Pottersville, NY

Candy Ann Orange       2001           Bowling Green, KY

Cheeseball Simpson     1990           Centreville, CA [perhaps friends with the Crackers family of Orange, CA, 1940?]

Orange Wassall             1861            Glasgow, Scotland

Godlove Wassle            1880           Bennington, VT


And, of course, there’s jolly old St. Nick, and Santa Claus (1930, Marshall, MO) and Chris Kringle       (1880, Jackson, IA) probably find this time of year to be fun but particularly busy. They do, however, have their helpers. There are plenty of people in census returns and directories with the surname of Elf. There are also Blitzen Reindeer (2013, Scottsdale, AZ) and Rudolph Reindeer (2013, Troy, AL). Keeping with that theme is William Christmas Angel (1911,  Great Yarmouth, England).


Along the lines of Christmas-themed literature and movies, there are plenty of people named Charles Dickens, but there is also a Bob Cratchit (2001, Newark, NJ). Personally, I feel a little sorry for Ebenezer Scrooge (2013, Carrollton, TN). There are also plenty of men named George Bailey and while there wasn’t a Clarence Odbody, there are several people named Clarence Angel (1940, Heflin, AL: Baton Rouge, LA : and Talihina Township, OK). What would Christmas be without Ralphie Parker (1930, Morristown, TN) and his Red Ryder (1940, Lousiville, KY). All we need now is a Clark W. Griswold – oh wait, Clark W. Griswold (1880, Chicago, IL).


Snowflakes and snow angels, jingle bells and Christmas carols, delicious food and fancy-wrapped presents. All the signs of Christmas. All we need are holly, ivy, mistletoe and a Christmas tree. That would be just fine with the following:

Holly A. Berry               2013           Midlothian, TX & Las Vegas, NV

Christmas Holly           1802           England

Christmas  Holly          1993           Springfield, MA

Ivie Holly                      1930           Union, WV

Ivie Holly                      1910           Trinity, TX

Holly Jolly                     1910           Matthews, AR

Mary Mistletoe             1841            St. Nicholas Guildford, England

Lilian Ruth Christmas Tree   1903           Hackington, England)


The bottom line is the world needs more Christmas Love (1909,  Brymbo, Wales) and maybe a little Christmas Joy (1860, Vincennes, IN) and even

Wonderful Joy (1995, Essex, NJ) in order to have a Happy Holliday (1891, Heigham, Norfolk, England).


Part of that joy comes through doing family history. Sometime during this Christmas season when family is gathered together, talk about your family history.  Share stories and photos and then go to and see what information is available about your ancestors.

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