About Me

Susannah Sharp is the pen name for me, Suzanne Foster.   I have chosen to use a pen name, not because I want to hide my identity or anything sinister, but for a more practical reason.  There is an erotic romance author whose name, whether real or pen, is Suzanne Forster, and since she writes romances and I write romances, I thought it would be pretty easy for people to get us confused.  Then they would find her site instead of mine and things could get quite messed up.   There is also a Lori Foster who is a prolific writer of romances that are a bit more on the smutty side than I would dare to tread, so between those two, I thought I better pick something totally separate and unique to avoid getting strange glances from people at church!

I don’t have a very exciting life, although I do not want to  diminish it in any way.  I am happily married to wonderful man and we are just this November celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary.  We live in the western United States and we enjoy the changing seasons and the beauty of the mountains.  We have three marvelous children who are now grown and leaving the nest and make us proud every single day.

I have wanted to write for years, but when I wrote two Harry  Potter fanfiction novels and got multiple positive reviews and great feedback, I decided that I wanted to do this and actually get paid for it.  It has taken me a long time to craft the idea for my novels as well as to learn the skill of completing a manuscript for publication.  So many times I heard that you can’t plan on anyone wanting to publish your first book, or maybe even your second, third, or fourth.  And I could understand that.  But I wanted to write THIS series and I wanted to sell THIS book, so I kept working with the concept and the manuscript until I really do think it is going to be a great read and people will want to buy it and the sequels.   I am going to self-publish but that doesn’t mean I have scrimped or cheated on quality.  I hope that you all will purchase it when it becomes available and let me know what you think.

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