About my Blog

This is just a bare sketch about why I am blogging, which hopefully will be expanded further as I get into the habit.

I am almost finished with my first manuscript of a contemporary romance set in Ireland. I’ve had such fun writing it and will self-publish electronically as soon as I know it is the best it can be.   Part of being an author, though, is establishing a brand, and this blog is part of that process.

I will be blogging on several things.  Right now, I plan on sharing various things about Ireland such as its history, its beauty, some recipes and cultural tidbits.  Also, I will be reviewing romances that aren’t smutty and can appeal to those of us who love the tingle factor without the sleaze.  Lastly, I will be sharing some of my writing and reading thoughts and lessons.   Hopefully somewhere in there you can find something that makes reading this blog worthwhile.

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