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A Surfeit of Riches: Reading in this New Age of Books

Mondays I try to post tips for readers and writers, but I’ve noticed that lately it’s been mostly writing tips because I did my genealogical series.  So today, I’m focusing on just readers.  Of course, a lot of writers are … Continue reading

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Genealogical Sources for Writers, part 2

Last week I spent some time talking about how using a census could help a writer get some ideas for names and relationships as well as life-style details for their fiction.  I am going to be spending four weeks talking … Continue reading

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Announcement: I’m teaching a class

I’ve been mentioning this a bit but wanted to post it on my blog as soon as I could and I would sure appreciate it if you were willing to pass this around to other writing groups you belong to. … Continue reading

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V is for View, Point of View, that is!

I am sure I am not the only author who got books for Christmas.  After all, we love books.  We love to write because we long to share stories like our favorite books have shared with us.   I got … Continue reading

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My scene again, revised after using the Emotion Thesaurus

All right, as promised, here is the same scene I posted yesterday after working with the emotion thesaurus.  I also wanted to talk a little bit about what sort of thought process I went through, just in case it helps … Continue reading

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Weather you CAN control

We had a very strange week here in northern Utah, thanks to some strong Santa Ana winds from California and some other weird conglomeration of weather circumstances that I don’t understand and you don’t care about.  Suffice it to say, … Continue reading

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What I learned about my writing from watching the Twilight: Breaking Dawn movie

I had an epiphany.  Really I did.  I was able to see my writing in a new light. I’ve seen the Breaking Dawn movie three times, okay.  Three times.  You may laugh.  But I really enjoyed it the first time … Continue reading

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What I have learned about writing through soundtracks

Today, I want to talk about soundtracks and how they have influenced me as a writer and a reader. I should tell you first of all that I love music.  I’m not talented at playing any sort of instrument despite … Continue reading

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